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The Importance Of Using Keywords In Tumbly Hog



The Almighty Solution to Finding Undiscovered Keywords!


Almighty Keyword Hog Benefits & Features
  • MULTIPLES SEARCH ENGINE – Easily find keywords from Google, Amazon, YouTube, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, & Ebay (adding more in future)
  • VARIABLE FEATURE – You can place characters anywhere within your keyword to truly find keywords that are untouched & profitable.
  • GET MORE TRAFFIC WITH TUMBLY HOG – Easily find keywords to use as hashtags in Tumbly Hog to maximize your exposure when people search those keywords.

  • FIND PROFITABLE KEYWORDS FOR SEO & YOUTUBE VIDEOS – Because Keyword Hog can search for keywords a way that’s never been done before, you’ll be able to find keywords no one has ever used for SEO or ranking YouTube videos. Crazy stuff!
  • MAX CHARACTER FEATURE – Everyone person getting keywords from search engines suggested searches have used the “A-Z” method. Our Max Character feature allows you to search for keywords with unused characters from 2-3 characters of 2000+ most popular english words.
  • FULL TRAINING – You get full training on how to use the program to the fullest in the members area.
  • TRAINING ON HOW TO USE KEYWORDS WITH TUMBLY HOG – Learn how to maximize your traffic from Tumblr using keywords in Tumbly Hog. You get Megan’s “How to Use Keywords To Your Advantage in Tumblr”.
  • SAVE & LOAD PROJECTS – You can save & load projects in Almighty Keyword Hog so you can continue searching keywords from where you left off and always have your keywords on file, right in the program.
  • MULTIPLE KEYWORD SEARCH – You can search multiple keywords at a time with Almighty Keyword Hog.
  • MINIMUM/MAXIMUM WORD FEATURE – Only want to limit the keywords that you get to keywords with 3 words? Maybe you want the maximum amount of words in the keywords to have 5 words at most? Well, we have that covered. You can control how many words are in the keywords that come back so you can get long-tail keywords only.



100% Money Back


We also want to eliminate any stress or hesitation you may feel by taking all the risk for you. You will get an entire 30 days to give the software a try. If you try the software, and you’ve tried, and it does not work..just let us know. We will happily give you all of your money back.

This is a 30 day money back guarantee. We’re here to support you,  and and as long as you give it a serious try and it just doesn’t work, we will be happy to send you every bit you paid back. We are here for your success, always.

Price Goes Up With Every Sale

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