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Hey There,

I’m very excited about this software that will auto-drive TONS of traffic to any website, video, offer, or landing page you want with literally a few clicks of a button. For real!

We all know traffic is one of the important components to making sales, getting subscribers, or views to your videos. It’s a must!

You can buy traffic and test your conversions on your page quickly, or you can slave away, online for hours, at getting free quality traffic. That’s exactly what my partner Megan Marchese was doing when I met her.

I was very interested when she told me how she was driving hundreds of visitors to her sites using Tumblr. I mean, free traffic, yea, I wanted it. The thing is when she showed me how she was getting the traffic, all was cool, but the time she took to manually do the tasks involved in getting this traffic..well… didn’t suite me, I’m not very patient, it’s something I’m still learning. =)

Then BOOM! Eureka…..

trafficMe being a programmer, I love to automate things as much as I can, and everything she was doing manually, well, why should we do it when we can just have the computer do it for us. Make use of that piece of technology, that computer, that has at one time or the other, driven us nuts, but this time we were going to make this computer work for us!

So, I programmed this ALMIGHTY software and everything she was doing manually to drive traffic from Tumblr was now automated. Talk about scaling it up. Overnight with a beta version of the software, Megan brought in hundreds of visitors to one offer, thousands to another, and made her first affiliate sales on Warriorplus with the software!

We are giving people here, Megan and myself, and to start the New Year off we wanted to give something special to the internet marketing and online business communities …..

….One great solution to solve the problem of getting free traffic without the hassles, time, and energy involved.

We give you Almighty Tumbly Hog as that solution and we are floored to hear all the success you will have using our software!

Dream Big This 2017, Go For It, Do It, & Enjoy the Journey there,

More Information for Your Consideration…..

Just wanted to give you more information here on what it would take to get this traffic manually from Tumblr. You can click the link below to read a very useful and informational blog post on how a blogger is making money driving free traffic from Tumblr (we are not affiliated with him in anyway).

Now, everything he writes about on this page, we’ve automated and scaled it the upper levels of K9 and Mount Olympus. Your site will be flooded with traffic!

Dead Simple Way To Dominate Tumblr & Get Some Easy Profits.


Megans Traffic From 1 Week Of Using The Software


Almighty Tumbly Hog

The Almighty Solution to Your Traffic Problems!


Almighty Tumbly Hog Benefits & Features
  • ONE-CLICK SIMPLICITY Easily drive insane amounts of traffic to any offer, website, or video with a click of a button.
  • TEST CONVERSIONS FREE Need to test your conversion rate for your landing page or sales page? Quickly send free targeted and quality traffic to your page to test it without having to pay a dime for paid traffic.
  • BUILD YOUR FOLLOWERS – Get tons of followers to your Tumbler account and start using it for your business.

  • EASY TO IMPLEMENT – The software is so easy to use, anyone can become a traffic maverick overnight!
  • TRAFFIC FOR YOUR CLIENTS – Send quality traffic to your clients websites over and over again, and get paid for it. =)
  • FULL MEMBERS AREA TRAINING – Full training by Megan on how to use the software.
  • MONETIZE YOUR TRAFFIC – Get Megan’s Ebook on how to effectively monetize Tumblr traffic.
  • TARGETED TRAFFIC – Quickly targets specific keywords to find the BEST relative blog posts to repost. This way you get very targeted audiences to visit your page.
  • PROGRAM WORKS FOR YOU WHILE YOU SLEEP – Literally posts FOR YOU in your sleep. Wake up in the morning with your visitor stats sky rocketing.
  • CHOOSE WHAT TO REPOST – Post just text ads, video ads or only ads with images?
  • ADD IMAGES TO TEXT POSTS – Ads images based off of keywords so your text posts NEVER look boring!
  • SHORTEN LONG POSTS SO YOUR LINKS ARE VISIBLE – This software will even shorten the text ads and put YOUR LINK right in front of TARGETED traffic!
  • MULTIPLE BLOG & ACCOUNTS – You can easily setup multiple blogs and accounts for different niches so you can post relative content to each niche.
  • The Ultimate All-In-One Free Traffic Resource Has Finally Arrived for 2017!



100% Money Back


We also want to eliminate any stress or hesitation you may feel by taking all the risk for you. You will get an entire 30 days to give the software a try. If you try the software, and you’ve tried, and it does not work..just let us know. We will happily give you all of your money back.

This is a 30 day money back guarantee. We’re here to support you,  and and as long as you give it a serious try and it just doesn’t work, we will be happy to send you every bit you paid back. We are here for your success, always.



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